Albertonio Finney

Before experiencing respiratory failure, Albertonio Finney lived a full life. He worked full-time and made sure to exercise daily. He also made it a point to be an active member of his community.

Albertonio came to Vibra Hospitals of Southeastern Michigan – Taylor Campus, after suffering respiratory failure. He was on hi-flow oxygen support and suffered from significant impairments. Albertonio required assistance for all his mobility and activities of daily living. His therapy sessions were challenging because he faced intense anxiety because of his debilities.

Throughout his recovery, Albertonio’s positive attitude and love for his wife, family, and friends helped to motivate him. His charismatic and independent personality fueled his recovery & inspired the staff. Utilizing the new education and compensatory strategies he learned, Albertonio met his challenges head-on to achieve his goals.

Because of his hard work and dedication to recovery, Albertonio improved his strength, endurance, and energy conservation. He gained the strength and independence to complete his activities of daily living without assistance. He also met his goal of walking, talking, and eating again with ease.