Chiha Mustful

Before contracting COVID-19, Chiha Mustful was an active mother of two, working from home full-time. Her busy life quickly changed as her COVID-19 symptoms led to hospitalization. While in the hospital, she suffered respiratory failure and required oxygen support and a feeding tube. Despite these challenges, she stabilized and transferred to the next care facility.

Upon arriving at Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan-Taylor Campus, Chiha felt anxious. She required assistance with all her self-care tasks and mobility. Her symptoms left her extremely weak, making it difficult to complete her therapy. She needed to take frequent and extended breaks throughout her sessions.

With a long road to recovery ahead of her, Chiha did not quit. She did the opposite and leaned into her positive and fighting attitude. The love and support she received from her family and friends helped push her through the tough days. The staff was by her side the whole way through, lending support and encouragement when she needed it most.

Chiha’s hard work and dedication to her recovery helped her achieve her recovery goals. She improved her endurance and no longer requires oxygen. She also increased her mobility and independence using new compensatory strategies. Looking to the future, Chiha plans to take all that she learned at Vibra with her on her continued road to recovery. She can’t wait to be home again for the holidays!