Christine Blackwell

The past couple of years have been difficult for 63-year-old Christine Blackwell. About two years ago, Christine survived a stroke. The stroke left her with expressive aphasia (also known as Broca’s aphasia), which impacts a person’s ability to produce language. Though she experienced some communication challenges and could not drive, Christine remained independent with cooking, cleaning her house, and doing laundry – very important for someone who lives alone.

Most recently, Christine had her gallbladder removed, resulting in a series of hospitalizations that lasted about three months. The extended hospitalization led Christine to admit to Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan – Taylor Campus for specialized care.

Vibra Hospital is a critical care hospital, a type of specialty hospital designed to provide care for individuals suffering from critical and chronic medical issues. These patients, like Christine, typically have very complex medical needs and require an extended period of time in a hospital setting for their recovery.

When Christine arrived at Vibra, she faced many challenges in her recovery. She had a feeding tube for nutritional support, was completely dependent for all mobility and activities of daily living, and had significant wound care needs. Christine also arrived motivated to regain her function and independence.

“My friends and family,” Christine said when asked what motivated her to work hard on her recovery. She has two sisters, a brother, and a mother who all live nearby. One of her sisters would often drive Christine to the grocery store. “My family’s support and my goal to return home influenced my recovery the most.”

Christine also received significant moral support from the Vibra staff, in addition to their clinical support and guidance. “All the Vibra family made an impact on my recovery.” And that was a recipe for success. Christine improved her strength and endurance, saw her wounds heal, and began completing self-care activities while demonstrating good safety awareness. Additionally, she met her goals of walking 20+ feet and resuming talking and eating.

Having discharged from Vibra, Christine will move on to an inpatient rehabilitation facility to further advance her progress. “I’m excited to return home and do as much as possible for myself,” Christine said with a smile as she approached the final phase of her recovery.