Courtney Mathis

Courtney Mathis is a devoted mother working full-time. She loved being around friends and family, cooking for them, and catching up around the dinner table. She also enjoyed getting fresh air on her daily walks. But Courtney’s life quickly changed after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

As her symptoms worsened, Courtney experienced respiratory and congestive heart failure. Her condition required acute care so she decided to go to Vibra Hospitals of Southeastern Michigan – Taylor Campus because it was close to home.

When she first arrived, she required full ventilator support and a feeding tube. She explained that being on a ventilator was the scariest thing she ever experienced. It happened so fast and she felt helpless.

Courtney’s initial assessment showed she was dependent on all mobility and daily self-care tasks. Her anxiety started to spike. She began having panic attacks because of her respiratory and physical debility. But Courtney’s positive attitude and love for life helped her to push through the anxiety, fatigue, muscle impairments, and joint stiffness.

Because of her focus, Courtney saw great progress and conquered her recovery goals. She explained that her mom was the person that kept her going. She improved her bed mobility and strength resulting in liberation from the ventilator. After that everything started to fall into place. She achieved independence in performing her self-care tasks along with eating a regular diet once again.

Courtney’s whole therapy team never gave up on her, inspiring her every day. She looks forward to returning home and can’t wait to get a manicure and pedicure. Taking everything she learned in therapy, Courtney is confident to get back to her routine.