Danielle Vasquez

Recently married, Danielle Vasquez is a full-time wife and mother. She enjoys hanging out with family and friends, especially when they get to do some karaoke. Walking is her favorite way to recharge and get in some activity. Then one day, Danielle’s day-to-day life was completely interrupted when she started experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Diagnosed with COVID-19, Danielle’s symptoms began to worsen to a point of respiratory failure. Her condition required a ventilator and feeding tube for nutritional support. Her family knew that her recovery would require an extended hospitalization. They had Danielle transferred to Vibra Hospitals of Southeastern Michigan – Taylor Campus to be closer to home.

When Danielle first arrived at Vibra, she required assistance for all mobility and needed frequent rest breaks to complete self-care tasks. She developed significant anxiety due to her respiratory and physical disability. Growing scared of what the future would look like, Danielle would stare at her wedding photo for encouragement and comfort.

Despite these setbacks, Danielle felt lucky to have the support of her family and trusted the Vibra staff with her recovery. Her husband visited on weekends and made sure to come with entertainment. He would put together YouTube videos of himself playing the piano to boost her spirits.

During one of his visits, he was able to hear Danielle speak for the first time. Because she was able to communicate, her sarcastic humor came through once again. Danielle’s charismatic and independent personality fueled her recovery. Her positivity became infectious not only to her roommate but to the staff as well.

Danielle conquered her goals and carried over the new education and compensatory strategies from her various therapy sessions. During her time at Vibra, she improved her bed mobility and strength resulting in liberation from the ventilator. She achieved her independence in performing her daily self-care tasks and made sure to maintain good safety awareness. The last thing to overcome was her diet and she is now eating regular foods again.

With all of these achievements, Danielle is returning home. She looks forward to being back with her family and can’t wait to sing with them again.