Danny Cochran

Before his recent hospitalization, Danny Cochran lived independently in his home. He worked full-time at Ford Motor Company as a truck driver. At 58 years old, Danny enjoyed outdoor activities in his free time, living life to the fullest.

Then, Danny was admitted to the emergency room with pain in his right lower quadrant. An esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) was performed, which showed a duodenal mass. His time in the ICU proved complicated. Danny experienced cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, and aspiration pneumonia during that time. He was placed on a ventilator for breathing support and a PEG tube for nutritional support.

Once stabilized, Danny transferred to Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan – Taylor Campus, a critical care hospital. Critical care hospitals like Vibra provide ICU-level care for an extended period of time, often helping patients wean off mechanical ventilators while beginning rehabilitative services designed to help these same patients regain some of their independence.

While at Vibra, Danny made impressive gains in his recovery. Initially, Danny was dependent for all mobility and activities of daily living and could not have any food by mouth. But Danny was prepared to work hard. “I was motivated to go back to work. To walk again and go back to work,” Danny said.

When Danny discharged from Vibra Hospital, he had improved his strength and endurance, resumed talking and even eating pizza! He discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility for the next level of his recovery, and looks forward to his ultimate destination: home. “I’m excited to return home and do as much as possible for myself,” Danny stated, adding that “all the Vibra family” had an impact on his recovery.