David Jennings

David Jennings was an active husband and father, working full-time at the Ford Motor Company. Before he contracted COVID-19, he was building a Mustang. His symptoms worsened, requiring hospitalization. They treated him for COVID-19, pneumonia, and respiratory failure.

Once David stabilized, he transferred to Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan-Taylor Campus. He arrived on full ventilator support with a feeding tube for nutritional support. He required assistance for all mobility and activities of daily living (ADL).

Because of his condition, David needed frequent and extended breaks to complete any activities. Along with his respiratory and physical disabilities came extreme anxiety. His positive attitude and love for his family and friends helped him push through his anxiety, fatigue, and muscle impairments.

David maintained his charismatic and independent personality. He made great progress, inspiring the staff along the way. He conquered his goals and carried over the new education and compensatory strategies he learned from each therapy session.

After his time at Vibra, David improved his strength and endurance resulting in liberation from the ventilator. He achieved independence in performing his self-care tasks. He also met his goals with health and nutrition, walking, and talking. One of his biggest accomplishments was finally eating a cheeseburger again! David will continue his recovery at a skilled nursing facility and looks forward to being one step closer to home.