Diane Vantine

Though we’ve regained much of the “normal” that went away during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus itself remains a significant threat, particularly for high-risk individuals. One of those individuals is Diane Vantine, an 84-year-old who was recently hospitalized after contracting the virus.

Before her recent hospitalization, Diane lived at home with her adult daughter, Gwen, and their dog. Gwen helped Diane with her activities of daily living and handled driving, shopping, and doing the laundry. Diane required a four-wheeled walker to get around. Though she had some physical limitations, Diane still enjoyed a level of independence and activity in her home.

However, the COVID-19 virus dealt a significant blow to Diane’s health. She experienced pulmonary edema and respiratory failure. By the time she arrived at Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan – Taylor Campus, Diane required oxygen through a nasal cannula and was debilitated from spending so much time in a hospital bed. But critical care hospitals like Vibra are particularly equipped to help patients address such needs.

The Vibra team got to work developing an individualized plan of care for Diane. Drawing on her motivation to recover — her daughters Julie and Gwen — Diane worked hard to begin restoring her function. With time and determination, the progress began to show. “Family support and my goal to return home,” Diane noted when asked what influenced her recovery the most. She also shared how the whole Vibra team helped her to heal and stay focused.

Having made great strides, including improving her strength, breathing on her own without supplemental oxygen, and performing self-care tasks, Diane was ready for a return home. She discharged from Vibra able to walk over 50 feet in the gym. “I’m excited to return home and do as much as possible for myself,” Diane added with a smile.