Timothy Marsh

Before COVID-19, Timothy Marsh was an active man. He loved spending time with his wife, Rose, and enjoyed cooking and gardening after retiring from the Ford Motor Company. However, upon receiving a positive result for COVID-19, things were about to take a turn for the worse.

After testing positive for COVID, Timothy’s symptoms became more and more severe. He eventually required ventilator support and a feeding tube. He was dependent for all mobility and unable to accomplish any activities of daily living. Seeing he needed to be taken somewhere with proven quality care, Tim and his family agreed upon Vibra Hospitals of Southeastern Michigan – Taylor Campus. The fact it was close to home was also a big plus and played an essential part in their decision-making.

Timothy arrived at Vibra on oxygen support and still required the feeding tube for nutritional support. But, thanks to all the help from his Vibra family – his therapists, nutrition staff, and nurses- alongside his lovely wife Rose, Timothy was able to take small strides in the right direction. Coupling that with his “no-nonsense, get it done” attitude and independent personality, he improved his strength and endurance.

Eventually, Timothy weaned off oxygen support and achieved independence in performing self-care tasks. Even better, he’s able to walk and talk again, and he’s well on his way to returning to his everyday life. He’s looking forward to becoming a master gardener and all the spring plantings he can get his hands on.