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Diane Vantine

Though we’ve regained much of the “normal” that went away during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus itself remains a significant threat, particularly for high-risk individuals. One of those individuals is Diane Vantine, an 84-year-old who was recently hospitalized after contracting the virus.

Elena Guebara

Before contracting COVID-19, Elena Guebara was an active mother and wife. She loved doing her makeup, cooking, dancing, and singing karaoke. Life was good.

Albertonio Finney

Before experiencing respiratory failure, Albertonio Finney lived a full life. He worked full-time and made sure to exercise daily. He also made it a point to be an active member of his community.

Chiha Mustful

After barely making it through a therapy session, Chiha Mustful improved her endurance and independence. She pushed through the tough days and is now happy to return home for the holidays!

David Jennings

David Jennings’s charismatic and independent personality helped him achieve his recovery goals. He overcame various obstacles like COVID-19 with the support of his family, friends, and the Vibra staff.

John Calka gives a thumbs up at Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan

John Calka

John Calka inspired the staff with his determined personality. His positive attitude rocketed his recovery after suffering respiratory failure.

Courtney Mathis

Courtney Mathis is a devoted mother working full-time. She loved being around friends and family, cooking for them, and catching up around the dinner table. She also enjoyed getting fresh air on her daily walks. But Courtney’s life quickly changed after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Danielle Vasquez

Danielle Vasquez developed major anxiety after suffering respiratory failure due to COVID-19. Despite her many setbacks, her positive attitude rocketed her to recovery and inspired everyone.

Patricia Tarnosky

After suffering respiratory failure, Patricia Tarnosky required full ventilator support and a feeding tube. Despite these obstacles, she pushed through and is now breathing and eating independently.

Jacqueline Sarasin

Jacqueline’s role as caretaker was reversed after experiencing complications from COVID-19 and pneumonia.