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Danny Cochran

Before his recent hospitalization, Danny Cochran lived independently in his home. He worked full-time at Ford Motor Company as a truck driver. At 58 years old, Danny enjoyed outdoor activities in his free time, living life to the fullest.

Thomas gives a thumbs up with his care team at Vibra Hospital

Thomas Bastien

Thomas Bastien has many passions in life, not the least of which are the Detroit Tigers. Naturally, Thomas enjoys going to see them play whenever possible. But Thomas has a greater love, which would prove critical as he recovered from a traumatic brain injury: his wife, Judy.

Timothy Marsh

Before COVID-19, Timothy Marsh was an active man. He loved spending time with his wife, Rose, and enjoyed cooking and gardening after retiring from the Ford Motor Company. However, upon receiving a positive result for COVID-19, things were about to take a turn for the worse.